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Postby Doggie 6:32 Crack » Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:57 pm

Snitsky .vs. Kane New Year's Revolution 2005

man was this the best match of the year. seeing two warriors of this calibur in the ring showing everything they got and seeing how smoothly they flared up against each other was phenomenal.
Doggie 6:32 Crack

Postby Rish To The Rosh » Wed Jan 18, 2006 11:48 pm

CMLL - Mistico Vs. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo Jr.
Definitely a MOTYC. Dunno if it would be my MOTY, but it's right up there. The first 2 falls were pretty simple stuff, both men doing what they do best and getting a win to even it up. The road to the third fall was what made the match though. Perro Aguayo's control of the match along with Mistico's selling were both fantastic. Mistico's counters and comebacks were great, as was some of the innovative submission work. The match was paced really well, and both men put in a top class performance. But nobody really likes Mistico's mask it seems...

Plus, what made this match better was that there was a hot brunette in the front row I just HAD to keep switching back to :P
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