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Re: Man on the Silver Mountain

Postby eastbay510 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:10 pm

El Asian wrote:Honestly, while I don't agree with Dino's resentment, I do see his point as well but I do agree with the point that PWG is the place to be and using fly ins has helped the company to where it is today. That being said, I do wish PWG did book relatively lesser known local guys, at this rate, I do wonder why someone like Jason Cade, which granted he's a solid talent and PWG should continue to book Cade anyways at this point since they are bringing him back, who wasn't really high on people's radar other than he's part of Sami Callihan's group over local guys like Eli Everfly, Adrian Quest, or Andy Brown. But like I said, I am not against PWG booking Cade and if they feel he's worth bringing in, then continue book Cade and have continue to impress in PWG.

I'm not gonna get into the locals vs fly-ins debate, but I will say I agree it was pretty shocking that Cade got the booking, that being said I see way more potential in him than I do Strickland, he also has more charisma as well. Also I really, really, really wish OINK would go away, but them, Cade, Shane, and Xavier (no problem with him in PWG either, I like Dezmond a lot) are all buddies with Sami, and with him having a lot of influence... I guess it is what it is.

Also the US is very short on prospects, and surprisingly, so is the UK.
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Re: Man on the Silver Mountain

Postby pwggrodd » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:22 pm

I'd suggest looking into Canada, except for the fact that at least four guys I can think of from there that PWG has used are pretty much barred from coming here now. Just doesn't seem workable.
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