Moves you like and dislike

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Moves you like and dislike

Postby SuperCalibur » Sat Aug 06, 2016 7:14 am

Chuck Taylor's Awful Waffle is one of the very best piledrivers out there.

Speaking of piledrivers, Chris Hero's snap piledriver is pretty great. And I love all of his absolutely brutal strikes.

Ricochet's northern lights suplex floatover suplex/brainbuster is great, too.


I don't like Brian Cage's Weapon X. It's an awful lot of setup just to end in a facebuster. And he's so covered in muscles that he can barely even reach behind himself to perform the move. Speaking of him being so jacked, he should be using a power move for a finish like the Screwdriver, not a move that is kind of technical. It would be better if a small guy used it.

As much as Mike Bailey's shooting star knee drop looks awesome, I really hate the painfully obvious setup. It usually takes him a while to actual execute meanwhile the opponent is just standing there in a position that nobody ever stands in unless they are fighting Mike Bailey.
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