Frequently Asked Questions - First Time Posters Check Here

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Frequently Asked Questions - First Time Posters Check Here

Postby PWG_Silverback » Sun Jun 18, 2006 11:56 am

Hi there. Are you new to the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla message board? Do you have a few questions about Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, our DVDs, or perhaps a wrestler's theme song? Chances are, someone who came before you had those very same questions! Yes, really! See, you have to understand, wrestling fans are not like snowflakes. Rather than being beautiful and unique, more often than not, wrestling fans are like-minded and vicious! Like hornets, or bees. Peligro abejas!

So before you post your question about Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, check this thread to make sure it hasn't already been answered. If no one has asked your question already, by all means, please post it. Become that beautiful snowflake that you knew you always could be!


1. I'm new to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, what shows should I get?

This question has, by far, the most topics devoted to it on the board. You can find answers to this question, as well as discussion about the shows, in any of the following link:


2. Why don't the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DVDs have entrances? I really like the way ________ walks when he/she/it comes to the ring.

An excellent question, and a topic covered in great detail. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DVDs do not feature ring entrances because of our contract with Highspots (our distributor) which states specifically that we cannot use music on our DVDs that we do not posses the license to. That means, like, every song.

2a. Yeah, but (other promotion) does it!

Yeah, but they don't have our contract with Highspots, therefore they can put anything they want on their DVDs.

3. What music does ________ come out to?

A pretty accurate list can be found here:


4. Where can I get tickets to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla live events? How do I get there?

Tickets can be purchased at the door on the day of the event, unless otherwise noted.

5. Why was my post about a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla match on YouTube/Google Video/etc. deleted?

Please don't post full matches you find online to the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Forum. We, along with all other wrestling promotions, work very hard to bring fans the best wrestling events possible. After a show occurs, selling copies of that show on DVD is the only way we make money back on it, money which is in turn invested in future shows. When a match is posted online, it has the potential of preventing fans from buying a copy of that show on DVD, for any number of reasons. Piracy sucks for companies of any type, but smaller companies, such as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, feel the effects of it much quicker than our larger counterparts.

5a. Is this guy/web site selling copies of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla shows for $3 legit?

No. They are selling bootlegs of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla shows, which hurt us, and other promotions, just as badly, or perhaps worse, than matches being posted online. Everyone knows it's great to get something for free (or close to it,) especially when it's something you really want. That's why piracy/bootlegging is very appealing, and we know that we'll never be able to stop it. However, the only way Pro Wrestling Guerrilla can continue is to keep making money, and without our DVD sales, that becomes very difficult. So, if you'd like to see us continue to put on great wrestling shows, please buy your Pro Wrestling Guerrilla merchandise directly from us, or Highspots, the only other authorized retailer of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla products.

6. I have a problem with a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla order, who should I contact?

Please contract with your order number and the nature of your problem.

7. How do I access the commentary on Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DVDs?

During a match, press the AUDIO button on your DVD remote to access the commentary. If you do not have an AUDIO button, do whatever it is you have to do to access a secondary audio track.
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