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PWG Message Board Rules (03/05/07)

Postby PWG_Silverback » Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:51 pm

I've tried to take a hands off approach to moderating the PWG Message Board, and only delete posts/ban users when things really crossed the line, but lately things have been getting out of hand. That is why starting there will be some new rules for posting here on the board which will hopefully raise the level of discussion from its current level.

So from this point on, users found flagrantly violating these rules will first receive a warning and the offending post will be altered and/or deleted. Any alterations made will be accompanied by a note from the moderators as to why the post was edited. If the user continues to violate the rules, you will receive a 7 day temporary ban from posting, and a permanent ban from posting if the rules are violated a third time. The rules are as follows, and may be modified or updated at any time:

1) No flaming, trolling, or malicious thread hijacking. If you disagree with someone, there is a better way to do so without resorting to racial/sexual slurs. Construct a valid point or counter point, and post that. If you have any question about whether your post may cross the line, it probably does.

2) No multiple user names or re-registering. If you already post on this message board, there is no reason for you to create another user name in order to back up a point or simply fight with yourself. If you would like to change your user name, please PM me and I will do my best to accommodate you. If you have been banned from the message board and create another user name, that name, and all subsequent names will be deleted without notice and all posts made by those new user names will be expunged.

The first rule seems to be the biggest problem on the message board, so I will just say that the rest of the rules are all common sense. Spam will not be tolerated, and those posts and users will be deleted. If you have a serious inquiry about what is allowable on this message board, by all means please PM me. Thanks,

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