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Super Dragon Q&A recap

Postby Nasty Nate » Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:59 am

Q: If you could have one match with any wrestler, alive or dead and in their prime, who would it be?
A: Zandig or Chris Benoit
Q: How is your girlfriend doing these days?
A: Doing well. Thanks for asking.
Q: Now that BOLA 2012 is out of the way, which would you say is your favorite Overall BOLA?
A: 2007 BOLA N3 will probably be hard to top. The fact that we got all those guys in one night was a miracle. BOLA this year was my favorite in a long time. I almost decided to end doing them because they've been so hard to put together the last couple of years. 2010 especially sucked.
Q: What was your favorite match to participate in?
A:Guerrilla Warfare match with Kevin Steen.
Q: When did it come to you that you wanted to start PWG with the rest of the guys and looking at it now what's the feeling that you having knowing your a part of the best indy promotion in the world ?
A: I actually starting thinking about doing something on my way back from Japan in 2003. I decided I didn't want to do all the traveling that is involved with wrestling, or stay in Japan as a wrestler which was my only option at the time.
The idea I had at first was a super indy tournament like BOLA ended up becoming. Then I started talking to the guys, and we all just decided to do a show. It was only planned as 1 show. It took off from there
Q: Do you have any plans to wrestle again?
A: I'll be back sometime in 2013 hopefully. There are a lot of guys I'd like to wrestle that we've started using.
Q: Regarding the now infamous "Super Dragon" chant -- did you want to hurt the guy who wouldn't stop chanting your name?
A: It was very annoying at the time. I couldn't concentrate at all. I don't think I've ever been more angry at a fan. Now I find the whole thing pretty funny.
Q: Just how involved are you with PWG these days?
A: It's basically two of us left at this point. In late 2008 I took over the business/booking aspects of PWG. We were very close to closing down in late 2008, and I had to use a lot of my own money to get things back on track. I also do all the video editing and DVD authoring as well as the DVD previews for Youtube.

Excalibur does all the graphics on the site/dvd covers/ dvd menus/shirts, as well as running the site. He also does the press releases for the site. He's also obviously become the voice of PWG with his commentary which is unmatched!
Q: Is there any talent you have your eyes on that would like to bring into PWG?
A: Right now we have started using a lot of new talent, so there aren't many new guys we are looking at. Rich Swann will be coming in pretty soon, though.
Q: Since the popularity of PWG is rising, any plans to move the shows from Reseda?
A: Not really. Reseda has become our home, and the atmosphere at the shows is too good to try to move elsewhere.
Q: How much wrestling do you watch a week?
A: I don't watch wrestling at all. The last WWE match I saw was Angle vs Benoit in a cage. I don't even remember what it was. I checkout some indy stuff here and there, but that's about it.
Q: Don't know how you feel about video games, but would you ever consider starting a Kickstarter project to fund a PWG video game? If you guys were able to license the AKI (Virtual Pro Wrestling/No Mercy) or Fire Pro engine, I could see it being highly successful.
A: I love video games, but I don't care for wrestling games or sports games at all.
Q: Are there any plans to do any iPPV's in PWG?
A: PWG iPPV is nearly impossible. All of the guys under contracts with other feds can't be used. So that wouldn't be a very good PWG show. Wish we could do it, but it's not going to happen anytime soon.
Q: Was there ever a show name you really wanted to use but other people disagreed or it wasn't used for some other reason?
A: The only show name I was ever disappointed with that got changed was Ernest Goes to PWG, which ended up becoming Ernest P. Worrel Memorial. Excalibur also comes up with 95% of the show names, forgot to mention that earlier.
Q:What do you think of independent wrestling today in terms of talent compared to say six to ten years ago?
A: This is a good question. My old wrestling victim TARO was actually at BOLA this weekend. I was talking to him about the quality of indy wrestling nowdays. It's been so great for the last 8-9 years. Back when we would go to indy shows in the early 90's we would be happy if there was one good match. No scratch that, we would be happy if there was just a dive in a match. Things have changed quite a bit. It also drives me crazy when I see people complaining about certain things knowing that indy wrestling 10 years ago was pretty terrible.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

Postby Nasty Nate » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:08 am

Q: What do you think of the impact that Austin Aries has made in the last year?
A: I haven't seen anything he's done. He seems like a a perfect fit for TNA, though.
Q: Regarding the time you used a palm tree leaf to fight a man outside of an IHOP, would you consider that your greatest fight ever?
A: I don't really remember this, but as you know I've been hit in the head a lot! Sounds awesome. Also, I love you!
Q: Can you get rid of that fan who always pounds the mat like a buffoon?
A: I will fuck your life up.
Q: What's your favorite Kurt Russell movie?
A: Big Trouble in Little China!
Q: Any chance we ever see PWG on the road? I know you guys went overseas once, but any chance we see like a Philly or NYC PWG show?
A: Not likely. We had a lot of issues the last time we did those European tours. I actually decided that weekend to never work with anyone in wrestling again, which is what it takes a lot of the time to make those things happen.
Q: Do you play video game on the ps3 dragon
A: I mostly play PC stuff, but Uncharted 2 is my favorite game ever.
Q: Out of every wrestler you have teamed with (i.e Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Excalibur, Davey Richards, Gran Naniwa, Kevin Steen), who was your favorite wrestler you teamed up with?
A: My favorite wrestler to team with was definitely Davey. It was the best. He is a machine, so anytime I get tired I just tag him in and watch him go.
Q: Are there any plans for more doubleshots in the future? I would have liked to fly in to attend BOLA, but when it was announced, flights were already insanely expensive.
A: We might do ASW in November. It's for sure yet. We will see how things go. I'll try to get it up on twitter as soon as I know.
Q: What were some of the weird things you encountered in Japan?
A: Literally everything in Japan is weird. It doesn't even seem real!
Q: Is there any way you'd see guys like Tozawa or Kenny Omega coming back on some point on some sort of a semi-regular basis?
A: Tozawa will be back sometime I'm sure. Kenny Omega I tried booking for like a year straight. He's too busy with Japan now. They both are. Anyone who works Japan works there so much that it's hard to get them on shows.
Q: Has the set date been made for the next PWG show? Can you announce it now if possible?
A: It will most likely be on Oct 27th. We will put it up on our Twitter when it's certain.
Q: Will there ever be a PWG Sells Out 3 DVD? Also will 1 and 2 ever be back on sale?
A: Sells Out 3 will be out around November of this year. We are also working on a Best of El Generico currently.
Q: Any chance of selling Super Dragon merchandise in the future?
A: I might end up putting the Evolution stuff on DVD one day. It's hard to do side projects with so much PWG work. I also may put my shirts back out the next time I'm wrestling.
Q: Will there be more intergender matches at PWG shows in the future?
A: Doubtful. I haven't liked any women matches in PWG ever. Which makes it hard to figure out what to do with Candice nowdays.
Q: Can you get rid of that fan who always pounds the mat like a buffoon?
A: Nah, he's just having fun. I love seeing people so into the wrestling. It's part of what makes PWG special. As long as you're not taking away from the show with stupid shit and killing the crowd vibe. I have no problem with it.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

Postby Nasty Nate » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:16 am

Q: CM Punk and especially Bryan Danielson did better than anyone expected in the WWE. How do you think the Kings of Wrestling will fare?
A: I hope so. They both deserve it. Hero is an amazing all around talent. If you told me he would be in WWE 8 years ago I would have laughed in your face. Just goes to show what hard work can do for you.
Q: Are there any matches that you wish could have been done in PWG but never got the chance to make happen?
A: I really wanted to do Kurt Angle vs Danielson when Angle got released. I had him booked and everything. Then TNA pulled canceled it, and said he is not taking indy bookings in the end. Was looking into running a bigger venue for that one as well.
Q: Did you have a falling out with the wXw people? Or whats your opinion on wXw in general
A: I don't really hold much against them now. That tour was just a nightmare for us. I'm not sure who was to blame. I think they run a pretty cool fed. The fans there are awesome. I think some of them still order PWG DVD's which is awesome. I have no plans to travel, but if I ever changed my mind, I would love to go back and wrestle there one day.
Q: Any chance you would ever do a shoot interview?
A: Not much of a talker. This is the most you'll get from me.
Q: I thought he had a pretty good showing against Roderick at FEAR so my question is why hasn't Amazing Red been brought back?
A: Red is a cool dude. Got to know him pretty well in Japan. I wasn't big on that match. He said he wasn't used to doing longer matches at that time, so that's where he had trouble in the match. I doubt you'll ever see him in PWG as a regular, but he may be back in the future.
Q: Thoughts on your two Chikara matches with team Osaka, Ken the Box and wonderboy, and Chikara in general?
A: Bumping huge for a happy little tree was fun. I haven't seen Chikara since I was there.
Q: Did you like europe when you were here touring? I went to the France show and liked a lot i have to say.
A: The fans were great. We had fun once the actual shows started.
Q: What was going through your mind while you were making your most recent return and fucked up the Young Bucks? The pop was insane!!!
A: That match was awesome so it was easy to make a preview with it.

I really like doing them. I started doing the previews back at Curse of Guerrilla Island. I think they get fans pumped for everything. I'll be starting on the BOLA ones sometime this week.
Q: What are your view on The Young Bucks?
A: I hated their guts when I first met them. They came to Rev Pro training and wanted to show off doing shooting stars in an elbow drop drill. If you told me in 10 years they would be one of the things that makes a fed I haven't even started so special I would have laughed in your face again!

I think they are the best tag team in wrestling. Their run this year has been incredible. You will never see them in a bad match. They do for tags in PWG what Steen/Generico do for singles. They're also great guys. They love PWG.
Q: Where do you get your gear? I know you've cited Cacao Planning, but also mentioned a worker/workers leaving and starting a new company, which you get your gear from now.
A: A guy named Sasaki made all my masks/gear towards the end. He was from Cacao, but ended up starting his own company. I don't remember what it's called right now. I get my ring jackets from a guy named Bucio in Mexico who makes all the stuff for AAA and CMLL.
Q: What do you think of the comparison between PWG and ECW?
A: ECW was great and part of the reason I got into wrestling, but I don't think PWG can really be compared to ECW.

I guess can see some of the comparisons with things like the atmosphere and fans at the shows as well as the good wrestling.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

Postby Nasty Nate » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:24 am

Q: Is there anyone that has been involved in PWG throughout its history that you feel has not gotten the respect they have deserved?
A: I think Joey gets a lot of unfair shit on the internet. People act like he is horrible, which is far from the truth.
Q: What was your mindset before, during and after the 06 BOLA match v Necro? I had never seen the entire locker room empty out to see a match before.
A: I was excited. That was a fun one. I told him before hand I wanted it to be as crazy as possible, and told him to punch me in the face for real. Well, first punched knocked me out, and I wrestled the whole match somehow. Never tell Necro Butcher to punch you in the face! After the match I remembered nothing. I think it was still pretty cool.
Q: Thoughts on working with WrestleReunion and feelings about them going on hiatus because this year didn't do as well as they hoped?
A: It's unfortunate. If there's one guy I'll work with on shows, it's Michael. He's been a great friend to PWG over the years. I actually loved doing Wrestle Reunion. Some of that shit we got to do was so insane.

I wanted to make it as crazy as possible with things that would never happen on a normal PWG show. I really wanted to do Necro Butcher vs Muta on the first show. Getting Lyger on a PWG show amazing. Having Terry Funk and Roddy Piper square off on a PWG show was incredible to say the least. Those are the kinds of things that were amazing about WR.
Q: Will Teddy Hart and Jack Evans possibly be on a PWG show in the future?
A: I doubt it. Was never a big fan of Teddy Hart. He was a nice guy though from what I remember. He actually showed up to PWG once unannounced and said he would only wrestle me in a match.

Jack Evans was always cool, and it's too bad things went down the way they did with him. He burned us on several flights over the years. I was told by his father that we would get paid back, but he ended up getting sick of dealing with it all too I heard he quit.

Even after that I tried to set something up for the first Wrestle Reunion with him, but they just stopped replying to me again. So it's probably not something that will happen anytime soon.
Q: Which version of the Psycho Driver is your favorite to use?
A: I like the original best.
Q: In one of your last tag matches (Passive Hostility w/ B-BOY Vs. Generico/Quicksilver), you gave Quicksilver one of the nastiest tombstone piledrivers I can ever remember seeing. You spiked the hell out of him, and shortly after he retired because of lingering neck issues. Did that have anything to do with it?
A: I don't remember him hurting his neck in that match. He actually retired because he kept getting hurt over the years, and in one of his last matches ended up getting a staph infection that he almost died from. I guess it was the last straw for him. He ended up burning all his wrestling gear and calling it quits. Pretty unfortunate.
Q: Who was your influences coming up in professional wrestling
A: Sabu, Michinoku Pro, ECW, Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, All Japan guys.
Q: Is there any truth to the rumours that MCMG vs American Wolves was supposed to happen at All Star Weekend 8?
A: We had never even planned that. Alex Shelley just got on the mic and asked people if they would be excited to see that. I'd love to do that match, though. I don't think Shelley is taking many bookings now. I asked him about coming in for Threemendous III and he couldn't.
Q: Were you overwhelmed with pride when you won the CZW World Championship?
A: Hahahahhaha yes so much so that I threw the belt out of the ring, and yelled at Ruckus backstage for being terrible! I do love their cookies though, have I ever mentioned that? Also, did I mention that I love you?
Q: What does S.B.S. stand for?
A: A mystery that will never be revealed!
Q: What do you think of the Briscoe Brothers?
A: I think they are great. I've tried to get them back in PWG, but they don't seem to be too interested. I never heard back from Jay Briscoe when trying to get them for DDT4 this year. Hopefully we can get them back to face SSB sometime.

I have an old PWG promo of them that is just AWFUL. I'll try to put it online sometime. It's crazy to me that they've started doing some of the best promos around.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

Postby Nasty Nate » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:33 am

Q: Any chance Necro Butcher is going to come back to PWG?
A: No plans right now. There were a lot of interesting matches to do with him around that time we were using him, but eventually I think we just ran out of cool ways to use him. I hope he is doing well. He's a very nice guy.
Q: What happen with the plans to run a PWG show in Japan? CIMA announced it after he won BOLA in 2007 as well as the Dragon Gate show in LA, which did happen, but I'm wondering what fell through for it to not happen?
A: You know, it was just never really brought up again. I think it was more of a trade off thing. They wanted to do a show here, so they offered for us to do a show in Japan. I really had little interest in doing it after the whole European Vacation thing. It would have been awesome though.
Q: Why does Kevin Steven hate generico so much?
A: Kevin STEVEN!!!
Q: Are you related to the guy they used to call Angry Fan and if so, why doesn't he come to PWG shows anymore?
A: No, but he's awesome. Funny story about that guy. I was at UFC in Vegas years ago. I was in the bathroom taking a piss, and I hear this guy go " DRAGON!" from behind me. It was him. He tried talking to me while I was pissing. Totally crazy. I wish he'd come back though. Those Youtube videos of him are classic.
Q: PWG has gone from strength to strength these last few years especially. Going forward, what plans do you and Excalibur have for PWG?
A: More of the same. I am really enjoying doing what we do now. I hope the fans do too.
Q: How do you feel about cm punk using the curbstomp? I remember you saying in an interview you were upset simon dean did.
A: I don't care too much about that stuff anymore. It's more annoying when Indy wrestlers steal each others moves when they do the same shows.
Q: What was it like when TNA decided to pull it's talent from indy shows and how did it affect PWG?
A: It sucked when it happened because we had Shelley/Sabin already booked and had their flights. Besides that we didn't use a whole lot of TNA guys then I don't think. I don't know why but we were allowed to use them again after awhile. Bob Ryder was always cool and easy to deal with the last few times we used TNA guys.
Q: I live on the East Coast, and a man named Alex Goff (He was the guy you threw a chair at on All Star Weekend V Night 2, apparently breaking his arm) was in line at the ECW arena, and he told me that you were supposed to win BOLA 2006 instead of Davey. Is that true?
A: That is true. I got knocked out N1 against Necro and N2 against Evans. So I decided it was a better idea to just have CIMA/Davey do the finals.
Q: What is your opinion on PWI?
A: I have no opinion of it now. I used to think it was cool when I was 6 years old.
Q: Are you surprised with how the super smash brothers are doing in PWG? Seems like since the got to work for you guys their stock has blown up.
A: I was very surprised at first. Kevin Steen actually suggested using them. They flew themselves out, and when they first came out I said " Well, thank god these guys flew themselves out. I'll probably never use them again". Then they ended up tearing it up, and every time after that. I love those guys!
Q: What´s your favorite multiman match of BOLA?
A: I really liked our 2005 8 man tag. They've always been pretty entertaining. I think you guys are going to love Bucks/Cage vs Generico/Steen/Knox from this year.
Q: Any chance for a PWG wrestling school? Weeknights at the legion?
A: No chance on that.
Q: Thoughts on how well the b boy vs dark younger match went? The crowd seemed to love it and really liked drake. Any chance that he will be a regular in pwg?
A: I thought it was cool. Drake is like the nicest guy to ever live maybe? He lives in CA now, so I'm sure you will see him on some more shows in the future.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

Postby Nasty Nate » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:42 am

Q: Any chance that you will ever get to face Sami Callihan? Will he be a regular in pwg from now on ?
A: Sure I'd love to. Sami is good. On a side note, he actually texted me a little bit ago demanding to wrestle Marc Mero with Zandig as a special guest Ref. I guess our match will have to wait.
Q: Can we get Sara Del Rey or some other hard hitting athletic woman in PWG?
A: Probably not. I think Sara is good. I actually wrestled her once in APW. Flights are too expensive, and I'd probably never fly anyone in for a womens match. If she still lived out here it would be a possibility.
Q: Would you ever come back to Ring Of Honor for an appearance?
A: Not likely. I have no plans to do any shows besides PWG. I loved being part of that CZW/ROH angle though. That was one of my favorite experiences in wrestling period. I think it was the coolest thing to ever happen in indy wrestling angle wise. That first show we did was so crazy. None of it seemed real.
Q: Is there a chance we could see AJ Styles or Samoa Joe booked in PWG again?
A: I'm sure they have gotten too expensive to bring in for PWG.
Q: What single show would you say is the best representation of PWG as it stands today?
A: It's hard to say. I think almost everything from 2009-2012 could work. I loved the atmosphere at Seven and Threemendous III. DDT4 has become my favorite show to run every year. Steen Wolf was great as well.
Q: What are your thoughts on the newer guys that are starting to shine? Guys like Willie Mack, Brian Cage, Adam Cole...are they the "future" of PWG?
A: I think it's awesome. That's the goal right now. I think there is a shift in things with indy wrestling right now, and yes, I do think a lot of these guys are the future.

Right now I feel like PWG has the best roster we've had in years. From just great wrestlers, to also good people to be around. All these guys are hungry and want to come rock the house for you guys. None of them have egos, they're only concern is putting on amazing matches.
Q: (Kevin Steen) Remember when he(Ruckus) stood up and hit his head on that platform thing?!
A: Haha I do. Poor Ruckus. GIVE ME SOME COOKIES OR GTFO. No I'm kidding. Ruckus is cool. I actually told Michael Elgin he was wrestling Ruckus in the first round of BOLA only to find out Ruckus actually still wrestles. Crazy!
Q: Would you have liked to book Nigel McGuinness more than you were able to?
A: Sure. I always thought he had good matches for us. Some of his ROH work back in the day was really awesome.
Q: Favorite PWG moment that you didnt take part in?
A: I really liked the whole Danielson/Generico thing at Giant Sized. There's been so many in Reseda it's hard to keep track at this point.
Q: Why does Kevin Steven hate generico so much?
A: Haha Kevin Steven.
Q: What are your thoughts on Adam cole?
A: I think he's great. Future Shock tore it up in tags everytime we used them. I decided when I saw his promo for BOLA that he could be a great singles guy as well. He did a great job at BOLA.
Q: What are your thoughts on working with XPW?
A: It was always fun. Those crowds were cool, and gave us a chance to show our stuff off to a bigger audience. Looking back on it, a lot of our fans now probably came from XPW. I always see people seeing they heard about all of us at XPW, which then lead them to Rev Pro, which eventually lead them to PWG.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

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Q: After we get Marc mero vs Sami *obvious joke* is there any chance we could get drake younger vs Sami? It would really be a treat to us fans to see them two face off.
What was your favorite moment in your career so far?
And last but not least how did you come up with the name Pro Wrestling Guerilla?
A:Younger/Sami was planned for round 1 of BOLA at one point. So I'm sure it's a possibility at some point.
My favorite moment in my career was my comeback at Steen Wolf.
It's been so long I don't even remember how Pro Wrestling Guerrilla came about. We had some pretty stupid names at first. I think Excalibur may have said we should call it Pro Wrestling Gorilla and we ended up saying that Guerrilla seemed cooler cause we were coming out of nowhere onto the scene. Some of that or none of that may be true. It's been too long!
Q: Will you commentate a show/match with Excalibur or Steen in the future? I think that would be amazing
A: I'll never do commentary no.
Q: Any chance of Sonjay and Jay Lethal being brought in for a future DDT4? Are there any teams that were close to coming for a DDT4 and it just didn't happen?
A: Jay Lethal was actually a possibility for BOLA this year. We just have so many new guys that it's hard to get more new guys on without not using certain people.
I'd love to have Omega/Ibushi sometime. Not sure it will ever happen.
Q: What ever happened with Paul London? He seemed to just drop off the map. He was doing some really great and, um, interesting stuff with PWG.
A: I don't really even know what happened. I know London has an issue with someone in PWG. He told me he wanted to take some time off while he was tag champ, and then I never heard back from him again.

It's too bad. I thought him/Generico were great together, and he cut some of the funniest promos we've ever had. He's also a super nice guy. I actually thought I saw him walking a dog by the freeway on my way to BOLA. Maybe one day he'll be back.
Q: The tag match with Davey against AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, you and Styles seemed to have some legit beef with one another during the match. Hell, the curb stomp you gave him was easily one of your most vicious. Is there some animosity between you two?
A: No heat between us. I actually used to play Gears of War with him. He stole my torque bow. I said Jesus doesn't approve!
Q: Speaking of Styles and Daniels....How did you feel about their title vs. title match at Jason Takes PWG?
A: I don't remember liking it that much, which seems odd, because they were both great then. I don't remember it all now, but I remember there being a lot of stalling. I also remember TNA trying to stop us from doing an hour match because they had something important coming up.
Q: How does Super Dragon pass the time?
A: My passion is my hobby. I work with retards. I also love video games and the Lakers and listening to GNR.
Q: Was there ever an idea for a big scott Lost push? He was easily one of my favorite wrestlers ever.
A: Not really. I never saw him as a guy who could be a top guy. He was always good at what he did, and always consistent, but he was never top guy material in my opinion. He was great with Bosh though.
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Re: Super Dragon Q&A recap

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Q: What are your thoughts on Roderick Strong and do you think he should be picked up by TNA soon?
A: If he wants to go there, sure. I'm not sure he has any desire to do that. I think he's great. He's always consistent for us. I thought him and TJP just had an awesome match at Threemendous III. He's had a lot of great matches for us over the years.
Q: How did Bobby Quance vs. Joey Ryan at the Gentle Art of Making Enemies come about? I was shocked to see it announced...
A: He's a Navy Seal, and wanted to do one more match before going to The Middle East.
Q: I always heard these whacky Low Ki stories, so I'm curious, how was he to work with?
A: Very difficult. He's set in his ways and doesn't like to lose. Which makes it incredibly difficult to book him. One of my biggest wrestling accomplishments was having him lose to Claudio! It's unfortunate, because I think he is a very talented wrestler, and we could have done some great things together.
Q: Is there a chance of Johnny Gargano ever being brought in?
A: Not at this time. Too many new guys we're using.
Q: Is Rocky Romero scared to be booked in PWG due to the Roderick Strong chop incident? Also, what do you think of Petey Williams and do you listen to his band?
I don't know what this incident you speak of is. Either way, Rocky Romero has just been busy I think. He may be back on shows someday.

The only wrestlers band I listen to is Brandon Bonhams. They do the music on our DVD previews.
Q: Super Dragon Vs El Generico in PWG....Will it ever happen?
A: It's the match I most want to do. It's unbelievable that we wrestled so many places but never had a singles in PWG. Hopefully in the future we can make it happen.
Q: You should keep announcing "PWG: Chinese Democracy" every few months, but then keep pushing back the date of the show.
Finally run it in 2020.
Have you heard anything about the XPW relaunch? If Rob Black really brings in Ric Flair like it's been rumored, would you want to have a match with him?
A: We almost named a show that at one point. Chinese Democracy is the most underrated album of alltime BTW. Anyone who doesn't think so is probably stupid!
Yes let me wrestle Ric Flair in XPW real quick. Sounds like it would be AMAZING!
Q: I heard that you were supposed to go up against Danielson at BOLA 2007 before you pulled out. Is this true?
A: I honestly don't remember that now. It could have been planned at one point. I never really liked our first match, and thought we would do something way better in 2005/2006. I was hoping ROH would do something with us in their angle.
Q: How do you feel about bringing Eddie Kingston back for a go?
A: Maybe sometime. Like I've said with other wrestlers, it's just so hard to get so many new guys on at the same time without cutting other guys out.
Q: After bein away from the ring for a few years, how did you feel after that amazing reaction you received when you returned at Steen Wolf? I was lucky enough to be in the building and it was the one of the most amazing reactions I've ever seen/heard/felt at a live wrestling show.
A: Just wanted to come back and answer this question, as I typed up a reply to it that apparently didn't go through.

This was the best moment of my career. The energy in that place that night is like nothing I've ever felt in wrestling. It's something I'll never forget. Thank you to the fans who made it special.

Thanks again guys. Have a good one!
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