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As the Worm Turns Review

Postby Meltman » Tue May 18, 2010 9:14 am

I don't write for a site or anything. Just watched the show so I figured I'd toss in a review.

Before starting, for those wondering, the audio commentary is flawless on this show. Every guest sounds loud and perfectly clear. It appears they've solved the problem.

Tag Match
Goodtime & LTP vs. CK Jackson & R. Taylor

Commentators: Excalibur/Chris Hero

Solid opener with a few rough spots, if any. The crowd was into it bigtime. Goodtime and especially Taylor shined in this match, Taylor's pinning combinations and kicks are very impressive. LTP's new attire is very cool. Jackson's attire...not so much. Please, borrow something from your brothers. On a positive note, Jackson looked the best I've seen him thus far here, some nice strikes and all. It appears Taylor's finisher is a front-flip snapmare, visually a cool move. Finish comes when Goodtime stomps Jackson and dives on Taylor. LTP follows up with a Cancun Tornado on Jackson. With some more grooming I think Goodtime/LTP could become a Young Bucks-level tag team (back when they were fired-up faces). Good match. One last thing, if Davey's doing the SSP in his matches, probably unwise for Jackson to also.

Singles Match
Gatson vs. Lost

Commentators: Excalibur/Kenny Omega

Very good showcase for both guys, you could tell they've worked with each other in the past. Lost impresses me every match, I really hope he regains momentum. Gatson wins after his ridiculous finisher, if he's going to be pushed higher up he really needs something better than that. And I say this as a Gatson fan. Nevertheless, if you're a fan of either guy this is worth seeing, not great but very solid, I'd like to see a rematch down the line.

Singles Match
Sabin vs. Strong

Commentators: Excalibur/Chuck Taylor

SEE THIS MATCH! Holy shit, they really beat the piss out of each other. If anyone doubts Sabin as a singles guy, this is your match. His soccer kicks in this match (especially one to Strong on the floor from the apron) were BRUTAL. And of course, Strong is Strong. By the end Sabin's chest was pure red. This really was a main event caliber bout and went on a fair amount of time. Very, very brutal. After seeing this I'd LOVE to see Davey defend against Sabin. Finish comes after a sick kick.

6-Person Tag
Bonhan, Candice & Joey vs. Cutler Bros. & Von Eerie

Commentators: Excalibur/Rick Knox

Awesome, very fun match here. Joey worked total sleazebag mode while Candice tried to get comfortable. Speaking of, Candice got thrown around in there like a ragdoll, including a really cool double-assisted SSP by the faces. Von Eerie also worked hard with some stiff strikes. Bonham's performance here I thought was best out of all 6, guy kicks like crazy, glad he's getting a push. Spot of the match has to be the simultaneous ballplex from Candice to Brandon C./boobplex from Joey to Von Eerie. Ends with a Mustache Ride from Von Eerie to Candice. The girls looked great (in-ring and in general). They need to be booked every show.

Singles Match
Hero vs. Shelley

Commentators: Excalibur/Roderick Strong

A complete technical clinic right here. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, as these types of "pure" matches often take a long time to get a feel for, but both these guys are such vets that every pin combo and submission lock just hooked you in. Really great stuff, I'd rank it slightly under Hero/Sabin but I enjoyed both immensely. Shelley was wearing a backbrace in this match too, poor sap. Near the end of the match it gets crazy until Hero wins with a Hero's Welcome. You'll want to watch this match, but don't expect breakneck-speed MCMG Shelley. Great stuff.

PWG World Tag Team Titles
Generation Me vs. Generico & C. Taylor

Commentators: Excalibur/Joey Ryan

First thing I'll say: krayzie bone, if you happen to read this... You don't think Chuck's a great wrestler and has to rely on comedy? Watch this match. 0 comedian, all great wrestler.

Fans shit all over the Bucks from the start as they milk the TNA references, including a Hulk shirt-rip by Nick. Taylor's new gear looks awesome, loving the grenade on the side. What can be said about this that can't be said about all Bucks vs. Generico or Bucks vs. Taylor matches? Just great stuff. And I believe I've seen the most believable nearfalls thus far in this single match, right up until the very last second when it looks like the challengers had it. Finish comes after Bucks collide the 2 partners and hit the More Bang. Star of the match: Chucky T.

PWG World Title
Omega vs. Richards

Commentators: Excalibur/Joey Ryan

There's an epic feel to this right from the start, even with all the silly stuff going on (Omega comes in with a viking hat, and even Davey wears it at one point). This is why I love PWG: in other certain feds, Omega's antics would get (and have gotten) booed. This stuff definitely would, but not here in PWG. Davey's on-point the entire match with ridiculous kicks and the working of Omega's left arm for the cross-arm breaker. Much like Sabin/Strong, these two beat the shit out of each other, Omega's uranages just dropping Davey RIGHT on his head. Sick stuff. Finish comes after Omega hits the Croyt's Wrath, then after 2 Davey turns it into the cross-arm for the tapout. Ridiculously great match, you people need to see this. The post-match celebration is pretty epic too.

MOTN: Tie between Omega/Davey and Sabin/Strong.

Overall, PWG's streak continues. Seriously great show with a variety of styles (strong style, submission, comedy, high-flying), that's what this company does best. It's a shame DVD production is so slow, because I can only assume Titannica is even better. Do yourselves a favor and get this.
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby PWGnorthern » Tue May 18, 2010 12:24 pm

great review, sounds like another awesome show, im expecting mine with KRM anyday now...
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby kenssmith » Thu May 20, 2010 4:48 am

Chris Sabin and Roderick Strong beat the fudge out of one another. Even Chuck Taylor on commentary was marking.
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby Souf Centrol » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:10 pm

Did the celebration make the dvd, I was one of the ones that jumped in the ring
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby The Franchise13 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:15 pm

The celebration did make the dvd. I was the first one to get in the ring. Davey just kept looking at me and telling me to get inside. I was shocked, you could even see it in my face!!! It took him 3 times for him to tell me to get in. I got in & jumped like a little girl.... beer
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby Whoblehwah » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:40 pm

I got this show. This show was awesome. Every match was good. Sabin/Strong is MOTN for me. I'd love to see Sabin/Richards as well. Also, a rematch of Sabin/Lost from 70|30 would be nice. The match they had on that show was waaaaaaaaaay too one sided.
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby r1wchamp » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:50 pm

Every match on this card was so sweet.

Chuck Taylor's comedy during the Sabin/Strong match was priceless.
Making fun of Roddy and doin his "bro" voice lol.
And mentioning Roddy was a cheerleader in highschool, then saying "OH great, he's probably gunna punch me now" hahaha excellent.

The Davey/Omega match stole the show though by far.
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Re: As the Worm Turns Review

Postby Evil_MJ_Hasselhoff » Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:11 am

Just got some $$$$

about to buy this and DDT 4.
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