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Postby WrestlingFanMatt » Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:25 am

Here's the problem I see with Malachi and this is by no means a shot at the Bucks. He was trained by his brothers who when they first debuted with PWG were in multi man matches and better known for being spot monkeys and trying to fit as many double team moves in as they possibly could. Then the Bucks got into Dragon Gate and I think it forced them to learn how to wrestle and not rely on just a bunch of spots. And yes I know DG has a good amount of high flyers but you know they can also have an amazing match and still use the high flying when needed. Hell if it weren't for TNA pulling the Guns in 07 the Bucks may JUST now have been getting started in PWG and may have never gotten into DG, ROH, or TNA for that matter.

As for Malachi himself, i've never been a big fan of his work. I know he's just a young kid but it's pretty clear that all he relies on is high spots that pop the crowd and can't seem to go one match without using the top rope for anything. And I think most people can realize that he got into PWG becasue of the Bucks. I mean how else is he working Chikara in a few weeks at King of Trios. Again i'm not here taking a shot at Malachi or the Bucks but i think he needs some time in Japan or a place that'll force him to wrestler. Otherwise he'll be stuck opening the shows and forever be known as the 3rd Jackson
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Re: Malachi Jackson

Postby Meltman » Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:55 am

It seems the initial DG trip in '08 really raised the Bucks' cred. Even PWG was hyping them a lot more after Japan, and they won their first major match post-return too (the awesome 3-way tag from Life During Wartime).

I don't think Malachi Jackson necessarily needs Japan to improve. Just some psychology, some strikes, no flipping after taking enziguris, etc. I'm not a wrestler but I've been following indies enough to figure out who deserves to be where they are.

I'm sure even LTP got into PWG partly because of the Bucks, as they trained him. Difference is LTP has since proven himself and become a fan favorite. Malachi's had like 8 matches and people have only been saying he's gotten better since February.
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Re: Malachi Jackson

Postby JAG » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:16 am

Matt Flash wrote:
Meltman wrote:Dude, they came out and introduced him before his debut match. You know exactly why he was hired.

That being said, he has improved. At this point may as well keep that spot.

Well he was a replacement, after Zokre couldn't show up after his... burrito incident... and the card got reshuffled. He just happened to have his gear that night and was lucky enough to impress enough. The reason he got the first shot was just being in the right place at the right time. He's obviously done more than enough to stick around for most people. Not me, but then I'm the minority it seems, so what do I know? I just hope they keep him in opening matches for a while. Let him actually grow out of that as opposed to "He's been on the roster for close to a year, now, maybe we should move him up the card?". PWG more than has enough guys higher on the card to let Malachi get better without forcing it.

I get the right place right time situation for that night. Many things in life are about being in the right place at the right time. I wouldnt have mind if it was that one match, but he keeps coming back. Wasnt Lil Cholo a replacement at ASW V? He has put on entertaining matches in other so cal feds, why couldnt he have been brought back? Same goes for the Fake Scorpio Sky. How come Lionheart couldnt get a PWG shot after playing that role? He's stood out when ive seen him at AWS.
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Re: Malachi Jackson

Postby Souf Centrol » Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:12 pm

Maybe those guys didn't want to wrestle for pwg or something. I'm sure there are politics or good reasons why certain people haven't been back or been booked on a regular basis
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