My WrestleMania Experience...

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My WrestleMania Experience...

Postby The Franchise13 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:06 pm

I know this was so last week.... but I still can't get over My WrestleMania Weekend. I live in Chino, I am proud PWG fan since July '09 for Threemendous 2. Since my first show watching Brian Danielson, Chris Hero and The Motor City Machine Guns, I have yet to miss a show. Even if I had to go by myself, you would catch me from now on in the front row.

I went to Phoenix for WrestleMania. My friend lived there so I spend the weekend there. For Saturday, I wend to WrestleMania Axxess at the 1pm show. I took a pic w/ Rosa Mendez, walked around & looked at the exhibits & took a pic w/ hornswaggle. I had about an hour & a half left before they kicked me out of the event. I had a choice of either to go get an autograph w/ Kofi Kingston or take a picture w/ Gail Kim. The Kofi line was huge, so I went to see Gail Kim. I figured that her line will be faster & then I would probably have time to do one more thing. When I finished taking a pic w/ Gail, I looked at Kofi's line & it was hella small. I ran to it thinking, "hell yeah... I'm going to make it on time to see him"... when I noticed that they replaced Kofi w/ Justin Gabriel.... WTF!!! I got out of the line asap & walked around looking for something to do before i got kicked out, and then I noticed another NXT wrestler doing autographs.... and then it hit me.
Brian Danielson has to be somewhere around here. I found him and ran into his line. This is the conversation I had w/ him:

Me: I'm a huge fan of yours. I respect everything you've done for the business.

Brian: Thanks

Me: But I have to be honest w/ you... I need you back at Reseda!!!

Brian: (laughed)... buzzzzzz

Me: (laughed) I am from LA & I was there for your final show in PWG...

Brian: really...

Me: It sucks not have you there, but I'm glad to know that I could see you on TV every week.

Brian: Thanks. I really appreciate it.

He took a pic w/ me & he also signed my IC belt... He is a total class act & I cant wait to see him live again.

Side Note: On WrestleMania Sunday, I went to a breakfast place thats in Buckeye, AZ. My friend recommended the place so I had to go. The name of the place is Cracker Barrel. It was the bomb!!! Outside the restaurant they had rocking chairs where you could relax & also a few tables where you could play checkers. I was walking about to enter the place & I noticed 3 guys sitting on the rocking chair just relaxing. I couldnt recognize one of them, but I know the other two were Scorpion Sky & Scott Lost. Unbelieavable...
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Re: My WrestleMania Experience...

Postby Souf Centrol » Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:24 pm

Yeah man I'm pissed I couldn't go to wrestlemania weekend. Question...why were they going to kick you out?

Scott Lost, Scorpio Sky, Young Bucks, Malachi Buck, The Cutler Bros(I think) were all there. Sky and lost were tweeting like crazy, I wanted to kill them they made me so damn jealous lol They said they had a ball
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Re: My WrestleMania Experience...

Postby Colt Banana » Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:57 am

the fact that he buzzed is proof that bryan is a god amongst men!
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Re: My WrestleMania Experience...

Postby ESPINOZA316 » Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:35 pm

I miss the Dragon
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Re: My WrestleMania Experience...

Postby JAG » Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:51 pm

I went to WrestleMania as well. I kept a close eye around to see if I spotted him, not WWE roster guys. I know main WWE wouldnt flock to him. I was hoping to get a chance to see him around like that. I did bump into Matt Sydal after the Hall of Fame, he was walking back to the hotel. The wwe hotel was about 5 blocks from the Hall of Fame. it was brief.
Me: Hey! Matt Sydal
Matt (smirks) ya thats me
Me: PWG is my local promotion. I liked the work you did there man
Matt: Thank You

He was brief, but not rude by any means. Obviously on his way to do something. probably the smokin hot chick he was with
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