Steriod and Sex Scandal of WWF

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Steriod and Sex Scandal of WWF

Postby CheMateo » Thu Feb 08, 2007 1:08 pm

I was online and also came across an old episode of Donahue which was covering the subject of steroids and sexual harassment in the WWF in 92. I was too young to know any of this was going on back then. It was certainly surprising seeing Vince McMahon appearing on Donahue to defend himself and his company. Vince's expressions were pretty funny and he didn't lose his temper which surprised me. Bruno Sammartino, Dave Meltzer, Superstar Billy Graham, Barry Orton and quite a few others. Most of these people came off very well except for Billy Graham he came off a bit incoherent.

One guy, I think his name was Murray Hodgson claimed he was hired to be an announcer and signed to a two year contract but was fired into his second month after refusing homosexual advances by Patterson. Vince said he was fired because he sucked as an announcer and couldn't make the transition from radio to TV. Hodgson found it hard to believe Vince didn't know any of this type of sexual harassment was going on when Patterson was like his right hand man.

Barry Orton claimed he was fondled between two higher ups and Terry Garvin pleaded to perform oral sex on him.

This guy who had a radio show that covered wrestling claimed that the midget wrestlers were all let go and not used anymore because one of them stood up to Patterson's sexual advances. All kinds of crazy stuff.

So Pat Patterson was mostly behind this? What happened in the trial? How did Vince beat all this? How was Patterson hired again if caused WWF so much legal problems?

It all comes as a shock to me as I had never really heard these things before.

Bruno also mentioned that Vince Sr. blacklisted him in the business for a while. Why did this happen? Wasn't Bruno the first WWWF champion, so it surprises me that Vince Sr. would've blacklisted him.
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Postby WannaB » Thu Feb 08, 2007 3:07 pm

It all started when Superstar Billy Graham went on Sally Jesse Raphael and claimed he was told to take steroids when he was a wrestler. I think that's the start. In any event everyone was suddenly firing on the WWF. Vince was defending the company, then all these other allegations came out, and the federal trial happened... blah blah blah. A few years later Graham stated that Vince never asked him to take steroids & that he was sorry he ever mentioned the issue to the media. I think there was some other factors at play too like depression or an unwarranted grudge or some crap like that.

Also during the trial WCW was trying to grab up Hogan. Vince fearing that he'd sign up with Turner, stated to the press after the trial that he "was very dissapointed that Hulk Hogan didn't tell the truth." Vince probably wanted to discredit Hogan in the public's eye & sabotage a possible Hulk should he go to the competition. Hulk later said that he never intended to go to WCW, but felt betrayed by Vince & as a result decided to sign with Turner.

It's funny to think about it. If Graham had never said that, the trial might not have happened, Vince might not have taken that cheap shot, Hulk wouldn't have gone to WCW, the nWo might not have happened, and the whole wrestling scene today would be radically different.
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Postby cmsaint » Fri Feb 09, 2007 3:18 pm

Hogan went on the arsenio hall show and said that he had only taken steroids 3 times in his life. And the WWF supported his claim but no one bought it. Then during the trail while on oath Hogan said he had lied so, the WWF caught alot of shit. In a nut shell WWF got out because the Drug Doctor Zahvorien or whatever was hired by the Penn State Athletic Commission and not the WWF so.
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