Dr. Keith Recap - Human Torando

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Dr. Keith Recap - Human Torando

Postby DrKeith » Fri Feb 09, 2007 10:49 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion The Human Tornado
Recap by Brian Cooper, BigVanVader.com

Lovers, turn the lights down low, El Romantico (Dr. Keith) is back with another slow jam full of rich audio goodness. This week - WSX History Month continues as Dr. K sits down for an interview with PWG World Champion - The Human Tornado!

Human Tornado Recap!

Dr. Keith introduces the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla champion of the World, Human Tornado to the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show. Tornado says winning the belt, er, championship from Joey Ryan was his personal highlight of 2006. Keith asks about Tornado appearing for MTV with Wrestling Society X, Tornado talks wanting to 'bitch-slap' MTV's Sweet Sixteen girls.

Keith tells Tornado it looks like he's put Buff Bagwell's calf implants in the back of his pants, which Tornado hopes to get surgically attached soon and become Buff in 2007. Tornado says watch ECW for 'Black Lesnar' (Blaster Bobby Lashley) or better still watch WSX. 'Damn fucking straight' replies the Doctor as they talk about Lashley's lack of a sexy Brock like dance.

Tornado refuses to give away his hair secrets. Bobby Brown and New Edition talk comes out. Tornado says he differs from Bobby Brown as 'I don't do crack.' Back to WSX, Tornado is happy with the time slot going against ECW. On WSX: 'WWE got the F out, we kept the F so we could blow you the F up.'

Talk of Black History Month starts black wrestlers talk. Tornado puts over Booker T as an inspiration from back in the Harlem Heat days and how he's work his way up to royalty. On Ron Simmons: 'Damn.' Tornado talks about appearing in Jack Black's Nacho Libre and the time he fought as the character Snowflake in PWG. Keith asks about the fan who bought the Snowflake costume in order to sniff the essence of Tornado.

Keith asks about the time Tornado took a nap in the ring (ie passed out from dehydration). No worries now as he is now rehydrated from his pimp juice ready, as made by Nelly. And is pimping in fact easy? 'It's not easy at all man.' Hollywood talk. Tornado would most like to pimp slap The Rock over injustice which was the Gridiron Gang. Tornado talks about future movie plans. Keith says he has it all; PWG World champion, appearing on MTV, having great hair and involved in dance-offs on both right and left coasts.

Tornado is happy with WSX but doesn't intend to get blown up in 'no coffin' like 6-Pac. Dance-off questions ~ YAY! Tornado can't see him going back to CZW until he loses his PWG title but says he loves CZW. Tornado is looking forward to wrestling "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen (one of the Doc's favorites) and to beat Joey Ryan's record of 406 days as champion.

Dr. Keith asks about the lovely Candice LaRae, asking first if she's available. Tornado says it's all business. Keith talks about the CZW legend Great Blazini and stuff he's heard which is appalling yet makes him want to go out of his way to catch him wrestle. Tornado is trying to find Blazini for saving Tornado's ass in CZW.
Was Tornado born with balls of steel as Keith wants a pair. On the WSX taping, Tornado had the great time he had all his life. Keith asks about the forthcoming WSX dance-off. Tornado wants a bigger stereo and a bigger piece of cardboard in the future. The Doctor and Tornado argue about cardboard size.

Omelettey questions ~ YAY! Tornado will be defending his PWG title against Kevin Steen on 10 February (SATURDAY~!) at Guitarmageddon II: Armoryageddon. Dr. Keith notes how PWG is one of his favorite promotions and encourages everyone to pick up the DVDs and support this great promotion. Last message for the Tornad-hos; 'Carry on pimping, be ya'self, and watch WSX.' The charismatic Tornado finishes with his beloved Don Cornelius impression. Check out Tornado's myspace and ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com.

In addition the Tornado will be landing in Las Vegas on February 25th at the National Wrestling Alliance's Fiesta Lucha card to be held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Tornado will be teaming up with WSXtra star Matt Classic to face the team of Los Pochos Guapos (Aaron
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