CZW Cage Of Death 7 Review and Thoughts

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CZW Cage Of Death 7 Review and Thoughts

Postby SoCalAndy » Thu Jan 05, 2006 10:18 pm

So I just finished watching this show, and to be honest I didn't like it. The majority of the matche didn't seem to click in my mind and a lot of the time the crowd didn't seem that into the show. The best part of the show was the begining of the DVD with the Xposed segments that featured promos from various wrestlers on the show and helped setup angles. Excalibur is the MVP of the Xposed segments because of his INXS refrence in his promo with Beef Wellington.

Cheech vs. Cloudy
-A lot of hype for this match, but this match wasn't as great as everyone was saying it was. A lot of it felt like a sloppy Americanized lucha match with the ammount of armdrags done. The selling was decent, both guys sold the more brutal spots till the end when they walked back. My biggest complaint with the match was the way the match ended with a second rope powerbom which didn't seem to have as much impact as some of the other spots done.
Rating: *1/4

Shane Storm, Jigsaw, and Mike Quackenbush vs. Icarus, Gran Akuma, and Hallowicked
-This match also fell short. The only person in this match who looked ontop of his game was Quack, as his offense was really fun to watch. There where some spots that came off really well, while there where a lot that suffered due to slow setups and mis-communication. The Rudos team on offense didn't really do much for me as they didn't do much to try and get heat. There are fun CHIKARA matches out there, but this wasn't one of them in my mind.
Rating: *1/2

Kings Of Wrestling Interview
-This was a really good setup for the match with Chris Hero and Claudio Castanoli against BLK Out members Eddie Kingston and Sabian. The promo centered around Hero taunting Kingston for his personal problems and not being at the show, but Kingston comes out ready to fight Hero and Hero and Claudio taking off. Chris Hero does a good job here heeling it up, and Kingston did a good job in his roll.

DJ Hyde vs. John Dahmer
-Hyde and Dahmer have feuded before in 2003, teamed up in 2004 I believe, and now they're at odds again. This match was really terrible. Most of the match was slow, and uninteresting. A lot of it was just them chopping eachother in the begining which killed any heat they had going into this. The only redeaming quality was a fan getting chopped in the back of the head at one point on accident. Sloppy, slow, boring, crap.
Rating: -**

Team Masterbation(Excalibur and Beef Wellington) vs. Franky The Mobster and Larry Sweeney
-This was mostly a comedy match, but it fell flat in my mind. The begining promos where nice, but the match didn't do much for me. The ending was pretty funny, with Beef Wellington and Excalibur trying to set up their finisher, and Beef climbing a scaffold like thing setup for the main event and refusing to come down because he's afraid of heights and costing his team. Really disapointing match.
Rating: *3/4

PWG Title Match: Joey Ryan vs. El Generico
-Lots of people where shitting on this match, but I honestly don't think it was that bad considering that Joey was in bad shape. While it was slow at some parts, it was still a fine match. The expectation levels of many fans where pretty high, and I had a feeling that it would disapoint because of the other matches that have been built up. Aside from the botched Duff Drop, this match was ok. It would of been better if the crowd went along by giving Joey a ton of heat, and if the ending sequence was executed perfectly. Their PWG match was worlds better than this.
Rating: **

Pandora's Box(Adam Flash and Sonjay Dutt) vs. Sexxxy Eddy and Nate Webb
-I have not been a fan of the entire Pandora angle, but I enjoyed Sonjay making a comeback and his heel act. He did a good job at getting heat from the crowd by name dropping Jeff Jarrett. This match was alright, but it still didn't feel like it clicked. The ending with Sonjay doing a moonsault onto Sexxxy Eddy's crotch was sick though. Decent match.
Rating: **1/2

After the match, Maven Bently(CZW promoter) came out with members of the BLK Out, Joker, Toby Klein. and Necro Butcher come out and hold a 10 Bell Salute to Eddie Guererro. During this, a fan yelled out "fuck that!" during the tribute. After the 10th bell ring, everyone turned their attention to the guy and got in his face. He was standing next to some girl who looked cracked out. Zandig got on the mic and threw the guy out which got a huge pop. After that, they brought in the family of Chris Cash and presented them with a check from the profits made from the Cash Memorial Show and where presented with a flag that was flown in Iraq.

CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: 2/3 Falls Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match: Niles Young vs. Derek Fraizer
-This match was pretty weak in my mind. A lot of highspots that took quiet an ammount of time to setup and there where points where both guys didn't sell much. It's bad enough that the match was a match that had spots that took too much time to setup, and parts where things just got dumb. Mostly Derek Fraizer setting up Niles in the corner, setting up two chairs and had him lay on the chairs that where spread apart, went on a scaffold and stomped his head. I didn't like this match at all, but some of the spots where neat.
Rating: *1/4

CZW Tag Team Title Match: BLK Out(Eddie Kingston and Sabian) vs. The Kings Of Wrestling(Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli)
-Finally things start to get good. This match was probably my MOTN. Hero and Claudio worked over Sabian really well and did some funny stuff and did a great job being heels. The story with Hero and Kingston was great. Some really cool spots include Claudio setting up Sabian on one of the scaffolds, and Hero running up to the corner and putting a cravate on him. Lots of good stuff here. This match is worth checking out.
Rating: ***1/4

After the match, Chris Hero goes on a rant on American Dragon and ROH and issues the famous open challenge to him.

CZW Ironman Title Match: Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Steen
-Another fun match, but it could of been better. Some parts of the match where a little off, but it didn't effect the match that much. Kevin Steen was doing a good job at being cocky and arrogant, and Sabin pulled out some really nice looking highspots. The finish saw Sabin trying to hit a Tornado DDT from the corner, but it got countered half way through when Steen flipped Sabin upside down and hit the Package Piledriver.
Rating: ***

After the match, Kevin Steen had an argument with Santa Claus.

CZW Heavyweight Title Match: Super Dragon vs. Ruckus(W/ Robby Minero)
-This match was a letdown. I expected a lot from this but it didn't deliver, mostly because of Ruckus looking injured. Dragon tried his best, but Ruckus was out of it. During the match, Dragon hit Robby Minero with a Curb Stomp on the entrance ramp. The crowd heat in this was pretty cool, with fans going at it with duel chants. Another note, during the match Ruckus went to the top rope for a moonsault, and hit his head on a scaffold platform that was setup for the main event. Dragon wins with a Psycho Driver that looked like an Electric Chair Driver.
Rating: **3/4

After the match, several CZW staff members and BLK Out members came to check on Ruckus and took him to the back. Then the DVD showed the cage setup.

Cage Of Death: Team Zandig(Zandig, Nick Gage, and Justice Pain) vs. Team Joker(Joker, Necro Butcher, and Toby Klein)
-The cage setup was like this: The cage had eight sides that surrounded the ringside area with a barbwire spidernet setup on one side and glass setup on another side with tables underneath and two scaffold platforms across the ring from eachother. I'm not a fan of hardcore matches, but this match was pretty good for what it was. If you enjoy a lot of sick spots, you'll like this match. At one point, Necro Butcher was thrown out the ring by Justice Pain, which looked extremely sloppy. Necro got up and then beat the crap out of Pain. Hilarious moment. I wont spoil the entire match, but the spots where pretty cool looking. The finish saw Zandig having Dewey Donovan set up two tables and lighting them on fire, and getting Joker on one of the scaffold things and hitting a MotherF'nBomb through the flaming tables.
Rating: **3/4

After the match, Zandig brought out Lobo, talked about taking it old school. He says ok. Zandig talks a lot. End of show.

Overall this was one of the most disapointing shows in CZW history in my mind. It's a shame that Ruckus was injured as him and Dragon could of had a great match. The show before, Night Of Infamy 4, was a lot better than this show and is worth seeking out. I wouldn't get this show unless you're the type who wants to see every COD or every CZW show.
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Postby Psycho_Freak » Wed Jan 18, 2006 2:05 am

I personally Thought The Show was Much Better
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Postby Big Joe » Wed Jan 18, 2006 6:01 am

You're out of your mind. I was there live, and it was the biggest disappointment of the year. Very depressing.
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Postby It's A Bomb » Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:52 am

COD 7 was one of the worst events I've ever seen in my life. Everyone on that show except for Dragon looked like shit on that show.
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Postby Suicidal Youth » Sun Feb 12, 2006 5:41 pm

Dragon wins with a Psycho Driver that looked like an Electric Chair Driver.

I finally found a clip of this, and am I correct in assuming that this may be the Psycho Driver IV?
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Postby Big Joe » Sun Feb 12, 2006 6:33 pm

It was a "Ruckus is a dead piece of shit" Psycho Driver. Sigh, and he's the champion again. Fucking CZW.
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Postby Jake » Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:06 pm

Big Joe wrote:It was a "Ruckus is a dead piece of shit" Psycho Driver. Sigh, and he's the champion again. Fucking CZW.

Super Dragon was robbed man! He was robbed! I offically hate The Blkout.
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