Dr. Keith Show recap - Harrison, Barton, Megamustaches

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Dr. Keith Show recap - Harrison, Barton, Megamustaches

Postby DrKeith » Thu Jun 29, 2006 6:48 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap: Hero's Of World Class Director Brian Harrison & Mike Barton
Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com

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Dr. Keith Lipinski is back yet again this week with a BRAND new invention (word to your mutha) of his world famous show. This week, the show is under 2 hours, and chuck full of quality vitamins, minerals, and high on the funny and not the "medicine."

Mike Barton Recap
Barton talks about he upset win at Rumble on the Rock which he describes as a "HUGE success." Keith asks, why MMA? Bart says he always wanted to be a shootfighter and trained under the Great Malenko. Bart puts Cabbage Correira over as being a HUGE talent, and the win as a HUGE win. Keith says that Cabbage fought Butterbean recently, and whether Barton is familiar with Butterbean? "Yes I am!" And is Barts MMA run about revenge? Bart was disappointed about his WWE run, on Butterbean: "I know I can beat the man," and "it eats away at me all the time." Dr. Keith asks about the bad feelings between them? Bart says he went about the restlemania match wrong, saying WWE sent him to a boxing school. Bart thought Brawl For All was a "dumb idea," even though he's a former "BAD MAN OF ORLANDO." Bart says Dan Severn pulled out of BFA because "he didn't want the same thing happening to him." Keith wonders if he was scared about the moustache coming off in combat?
Barton says he was booed at Rumble on the Rock. He was nervous before the fight and goes into depth about the Cabbage fight, "I hit him good." Keith asks who Barton has been training with? "I didn't do a lot of training for this." and he had trained ON HIS OWN! Barton says he is 42, but will fight as long as he can. Dr. Keith ever asks if Barton wished he was his former tag team partner Bill E. Gunn/Kip James/King Ass? "Not at all, not at all," Not even with the pig tails or tiny tee shirts?. "Absolutely not, I just laughed about it."
Barton says WWE didn't know what to do with him, even if he beat Butterbean, they still wouldn't know. He's John Laurainaitis' only friend, but has never asked for work. Barton puts over Satoshi Kojima as a "great worker." On leaving All Japn for New Japan? Barton says he left because of the money after Mutoh bought the promotion. He enjoyed working with Tenryu. On ther decline of Japanese wrestling, Barton talks about the promotions hot-shotting too much.
On TNA: "We didn't really see eye-to-eye," but may work for TNA some day. On future opponents in MMA: "Butterbean's on my mind right now." Back to Brawl For All, does Bart think he'd have had Bradshaw's career if he lost to him in the final? Bart says that WWE weren't happy about him knocking out Dr. Death, namechecks Jim Ross. "I was pretty much done with the WWF." Final questions, does he miss the Smoking Gunns moustache? "NO I DON'T." Moustache tips also included.

Brian Harrison Recap
Dr. Keith has one problem with his DVD of the year; there's no toll free number for him to call for the Von Erich family album. Brian confirms it's a 20 year commercial, and the family album is no longer available. Due to recovering from laryngitis, and the subsequent lack of megaphone crooning, he's going to have to rely on Von Erich stories for ratings this week on the show, Harrison replies that the Von Erichs have always provided good ratings. Brian calls the World Class promotion and Von Erich family was so "big." Brian says the Kayfabe Memories message board highlighted the existence of World Class fans, and the unanswered questions from them. Brian goes over the amount of time spent on creating the doc, and actually using his own collection of videotapes from the Chicago WPWR 60 Channel.
Brian puts the Von Erich tragedy into perspective likening it to Rock, Undertaker, Steve Austin, John Cena & Kurt Angle dying in the last five years. Keith asks if Kevin wanted to control the editing of the documentary? Brian says that Kevin said some intense stuff involving his father and his relationship with his sons, and while he felt the documentary was sad, it was true, and didn't wish to change any of it.
Keith asks for his opinion of Fritz and if it changed. "A couple of times... a year." He felt anger at, and sympathy and empathy for Kevin. Calls Fritz a good father, but very fickle to deal with, and everything people have heard about him is probably true. Keith asks what would have happened to David if he survived the Japan tour? Brian calls David the "lynchpin" and "cornerstone" of the World Class promotion, and that "World Class could've been a player long-term," and his death had a "ripple effect across the company and wrestling as a whole." Brian could've seen David going to Charlotte or Atlanta and being a great heel. Kevin was a strong person, but was unable to prevent the decline of his brothers.
Brian opened a pandora's box in the documentary, although he didn't sensationalize the deaths of so many World Class workers. He talks about other deaths affecting the Texas promotion such as Gino Hernandez and Bruiser Brody, and whether the former was murdered too. The Heroes DVD was originally 3 1/2 - 4 hours. Dr. Keith demands a directors cut, along with his and the directors commentary given they could give it that "Chicago Suburban Perspective." Missing material included a Gary Hart story of a Bruiser Brody - Dick The Bruiser backstage fight with Brody knocking him out. Keith hopes there will be some eskimo-pie talk in the forthcoming Gary Hart book. Brian would've loved to have spoken with Michael Hayes, Percy Pringle and Ric Flair for the documentary, "but it didn't work out."
World Class really died after Gino passed away, Kerry had had his motorcycle accident, then in late '86, Mike commited suicide. The difference in the Parade of Champions in 1987 was 40,000 less then 1984. On branching out of Texas, Bian said the territory system was like organized crime, and when Vince McMahon broke the rules, "all hell broke loose." Brian feels that Fritz could've been a major player if he did what Vince did and "every bit as competitive," detailing their syndicated television. Music video talk next and eighties headbands ~ YAY!
Keith then kisses the ass of the documentary. On WWE owning the library, Brian feels they'll make a documentary one day, but doesn't feel there'll be a World Class reunion with ZOMBIES. He predicts WWE would sell 100,000 copies each of 20 WCCW DVD's. He has a few ideas for another wrestling documentary, but says footage is hard to come by now. Dr. Keith suggests the 'HEROES OF SOUTH BERWYN: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE DR. KEITH SHOW ~ YAY! The soundtrack has the Flaming Lips and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but no Heaven Needed A Champion ~ BOO! Keith says the DVD is the best $29.95 you can spend (besides a hooker), and his goal for the year, besides growing his moustache, is gaining as much exposure for the DVD. Checkout righttherepictures.com. Great interview. Fantastic DVD

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