Dr. Keith Show #8 Recap - BJ, GMC, Davey Richards

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Dr. Keith Show #8 Recap - BJ, GMC, Davey Richards

Postby DrKeith » Wed May 03, 2006 5:31 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Recap #8 - BJ Whitmer, Gary Michael Cappetta, Davey Richards
Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com and Dr. Keith Lipinski

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BJ Whitmer Recap
BJ Whitmer begins with an injury report detailing his ankle and neck injuries to Dr. Keith, but does the Doc gives him clearance to wrestle on the last weekends ROH shows? Well, the prognosis is positive. Keith asks if BJ wishes he could have a emo ballad for Lacey as lovely as Jimmy Jacobs? Keith then asks what a staple gun feels like to the head. Whitmer talks more about the ROH-CZW feud, in particular the Arena Warfare event (a must see event at ROHWrestling.com). More importantly, we also find out what BJ in BJ Whitmer stands for. Strong Style questions are the order of the day at the Dr. Keith Lipinski show)
The first of this weeks smelling questions are asked. What does Necro Butcher smell like? (A little bit of beer if you're wondering) More questions are asked about the ROH-CZW feud with Whitmer saying he's 'in there for the long haul.' He then gives a few words for the CZW fans. BJ talks about possibly wrestling with KENTA and the falling out and reunification with IWA Mid-South.
Dr. Keith asks if BJ would turn down ROH dates if he got a call from Pro Wrestling NOAH today. BJ says it'd be a tough decision, but he's very happy right now being such a driving force for team ROH. Whitmer puts over his chemistry with Super Dragon and then talks about potential dates for CZW with Dr. Keith recommending Ultimate Fighter style weight cutting and VERY SPECIAL TRAINING MUSIC VIDEOS so BJ can make the Jr. Heavyweight division.

Gary Michael Cappetta Recap
Keith asks the world's most dangerous announcer about his latest writing project, Fall For A Dream. Cappetta says it's a screenplay and goes into detail about the dream. Keith asks who Cappetta would like to play him in Hollywood. Cappetta would like the pro wrestlers to play the pro wrestlers ideally. GMC confirms it's not like Ready To Fumble, I mean Rumble, 'It'd kill me if it ended uplike that.' Keith notes how great David Arquette was in it, and he's a former world heavyweight champion.
Gary Michael puts over London as being a special place, but he has no special memories of the UIC Pavilion, only a horrible memory of the AWA SuperClash PPV. 'It should've never happened.' Gary then talks about Capital Combat, and ROBOCOP, yay! Cappetta then tells a story about his fancy satin lapel being on fire at a WCW PPV.
Keith and Gary then talk about crowds, 'Philadelphia had a pretty angry crowd,' and 'England were more polite.' Keith then craves some Iron Sheik goodness with Gary 'going against the grain' feeling sorry for the sad story of the Sheik. Keith says that is very HUMBLE of Gary.
Mr. Hughes farting stories are then told. And is the Big Cat the smelliest wrestler Cappetta knows? Gary talks about the reasons why Mr. Hughes was such an angry guy. He tells of Michael Hayes used to put his head out of the tour bus to escape Curtis' fart smells, although as Dr. Keith says, imagine how cool his hair looked in the wind.
Dr. Keith asks about the longevity of Kevin Nash. 'Kevin was a smart man, he had a really good personality, an intelligent kind of humour, but he knew who to hang around with.' Gary talks about Sting and Bill Dundee's longevity and playing the game in general. Gary advises against taking bumps to the head, and credits that to the longevity of Nash, Borden and Dundee. GMC then says it's 'BULL-SHIT' with wrestlers catching other wrestlers doing flip flops onto them. As Keith and GMC discuss independent workers and wrestling psychology.
Onto ROH, Keith asks about monitoring the Jim Cornette-John Zandig debate, 'Once Cornette gets wound up, there's no way anyone's gonna get a word in edge ways.' Keith asks who dropped more F' bombs, and noted while Cornette dropped many, Zandig's promo had a greter percentage of nasty words to non-nasty words. Gary then puts ROH over for what they've accomplished being an internet oriented product without the aid of weekly television. GMC tells how he got involved in ROH, and how the role of backstage interviewer is realy a prop.
More Jim Cornette, Cappetta talks about HEAT with Cornette over Cappetta's comments about Cornette in BodySlams, and printing Cornette's retribution in the reprint of BodySlams. 'He enjoyed his own viciousness.'

Davey Richards Recap
More injuries are on the agenda. As the winner of the 2006 Super 8 and a up and comer (sorry Randy West) Davey Richards says he was injured from kick-boxing two years ago, re-injured his knee wrestling and had surgery yesterday. Keith wishes he could have performed the surgery, or at least gotten Davey on when he was recovering and vomiting as vomiting is always good radio. Keith asks about Richards winning the ECWA Super-8. Davey trained at the Power Plant, but only after WCW went under. Keith asks if his love of Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker of the State Patrol was the reason he chose the Power Plant? 'Yeah, I wanted to get trained by someone shorter than me.'
Davey talks about Mixed Martial Arts, saying he loved Barry Windham and Arn Anderson, but thought the likes of Mabel were GAY. More Power Plant questions, and more Mr. Hughes, as he was one of the trainers. Richards got rehooked on pro wrestling watching Pancrase, and later Chris Benoit and old Dynamite Kid videos which he still watches alot. Also, Davey's awesome leg kicks are mentioned as Davey talks about his biggest weakness, his punches. Super Dragon (better known as Dr. Keith's Super Dream Guest) has greatly helped Davey when it comes to the wrestling business, and many of the nuances of psychology.
Keith says that Richards and Super Dragon (PWG's tag team champions) could be the new Men On The Mission, and hire Keith as their Oscar. Davey says the Northwest scene is crap. 'C'mon,' Keith replies, 'there's Tim Flowers, Bryan's friend Vince...'
Davey raves about Ring Of Honor, but says 'PWG is like my home, and it always will be.' Keith and Davey then talk about big women with bad tattoos, the New Japan dojo in LA, and training with the legendary Kendo Ka-Shin. And what was the best thing that Kendo taught him? 'We did a lot of squats.' Davey then raves about the loud and rowdy PWG fans. And on Japanese pro wrestling, Davey namechecks NOAH as the promotion he'd like to work for. Very good interview.

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Also: Zach Arnold of puroresupower.com and Dr. Keith come together for the first time since the PPH went on hiatus to talk all about the Japanese wrestling scene. Keith & Bill "Twinkletoes" Barlow discuss ECW starting up again as well as the Backlash PPV with the power and soulfulness of megaphone croons. Plus more fun!

Listen now!
http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/ ... 0-2006.mp3 or CLICK HERE!

Next week: A very special Dr. Keith Show: ROH vs. CZW edition with Double C Claudio Castagnoli, Scrap Iron Adam Pearce, and Bryce Remsberg
Two Weeks: TNA's Chris Sabin and Christy Hemme
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