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Postby BurningHammerMark » Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:58 am

I just wanted to rap about SHIMMER Women Athlete's for a while and say that over the last year they have really had an exciting string of shows going and I can honestly say that Dave Prazak has done an excellent job booking SHIMMER right now and is IMO the best booker in wrestling right now.

The High Points.

The emergence of talent like Serena Deeb and Ariel who have gone from an opening card wrestlers to bonafide main eventers, Watching them slowly move up the card has been awesome thus far especially when it comes to Deeb who has had several great matches against Sara Del Rey.

Lufisto: She came back on Volume 19 and she's had a slew of great matches against Rain, Cheerleader Melissa and Wesna Busic. The matches against Melissa and Wesna are must see matches for anyone who likes women's wrestling or just hard-hitting wrestling in general because those matches were awesome encounters.

MsChif vs. Mercedes Martinez from Volume 20: This was one of the best matches i've ever seen in SHIMMER or any women's wrestling promotion, These two went out and wrestled a match better than most men could and brutalized each other with some of the stiffest chops i've see this side of Roddy, Sasaki and Kobashi, For any fan of SHIMMER they sould definitely check this match out because it was absolutely great.

The Feuds: The history of SHIMMER has shown that there have been excellent feuds during the course of SHIMMER, MsChif/Melissa, Knox/Haze, Del Rey/Deeb, Danger/Rogers, Martinez/Del Rey and so many other feuds have really been the backbone of SHIMMER and all of the big feuds have delivered in a big way.

I'm really starting to look at SHIMMER in a big way because they are doing things the right way and making great strides going forward.
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