Dr. Keith Show Recap - BROCK LESNAR~!

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Dr. Keith Show Recap - BROCK LESNAR~!

Postby DrKeith » Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:45 am

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - BROCK LESNAR
Recap by Brian Cooper of http://www.BigVanVader.com

To listen go to http://www.F4WOnline.com or http://www.DrKeithShow.com. This is a subscriber show, join the F4W empire and recieve the best audio on the internet today! The Bryan and Vinny show two to four times a week, Adam & Mike's Big Audio Nightmare, someone named Mike Coughlin's Five Star Radio, and of course the Dr. Keith Lipinski Show!

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Brock Lesnar Recap

Dr. Keith introduces 'the next big MMA thing' Brock Lesnar to the show. Keith thanks Brock for taking time out of his busy schedule, stating Brock can now blame Keith if he loses on June 2 in Los Angeles for K-1 Dynamite show. "You''ve already started off on a bad foot" jokes Brock before stating that he will have no excuses. Lesnar says he currently trains four - six hours a day, a bit like a regular nine - five job, I guess with a better lunch break though.

Keith asks if MMA is harder to train for than amateur wrestling which Brock confirms is the case. Brock says he doesn't train much wrestling and is currently working on his sparring striking and jiu-jitsu. He says he is really enjoying his training. Keith tells Brock that Sean Sherk caled him a phenom a few weeks back but asks if the expectations are too high? Brock sets himself high expectations and has trained for a year for the fight. Brock says he is content with his life 'whatever the outcome of the fight.'

Brock is happy that his debut has been delayed as it's given him more training time. Brock prefers to train in his home town of Minnesota and talks of training with the famed Miletich camp but didn't enjoy the travelling which I guess answers any return to WWE questions. Keith asks if the talk about sparring with Matt Hughes was internet lore? "I don't know what you're talking about," comes the reply.

Keith asks about the Choi Hong-Man fight. Brock expects to come in at 270 pounds saying that's the weigh he won the National Championship at. Is Brock Lesnar a fan of Hong-Man's singing voice? "I'll really wanna beat him up" states Brock if Hong-Man sings on June 2. Brock talks about the misconceptions of MMA saying it's a lot harder than it looks on the outside. Brock says he didn't regret trying out for the Minnesota Vikings. He says he had offers to play football in college but didn't receive one offer in wrestling but chose wrestling back then.

The good doctor asks what two fighters Brock would like to face after Choi Hong-Man? Brock replies that he won't look beyond Hong-Man. Keith asks if Brock watches The Ultimate Fighter and says he can defeat any of the fighters? "Anyone can sit on their couch and say that." Lesnar says he intends to be a threat in the heavyweight division. Keith asks about the Brock Lesnar diet? Apparently it consists of high protein, creatine, fruit, meat and pasta.

New Japan talk. "Working for New Japan was a nightmare for me." Brock says he still has the IWGP belt. He didn't deal directly with Antonio Inoki and compares working with Vince McMahon and the WWE as a dream job by comparison. Brock says he enjoyed wrestling Akebono though just like he enjoyed wrestling Big Show in WWE. Lesnar says he doesn't miss the travelling and politics of pro-wrestling. Brock can't even remember the names of all the guys he wrestled and gives a HEARTY LAUGH.

Kurt Angle talk. "I've got one thing to say to Kurt: that's PUT UP OR SHUT UP." and says that he is willing to fight Kurt but doesn't think Kurt wants to fight. "Could you beat Kurt Angle?" asks the doctor. "ABSOLUTELY," saying he's so much farther ahead of the game and out-matches Kurt both mentally and physically. Brock says that K-1 would love to book Brock vs. Kurt but says it won't happen "UNTIL KURT GROWS SOME TESTICLES."

Keith asks if he feels more pro-wrestlers will turn to MMA? "How many pro-wrestlers are true athletes?" replies Brock. Lesnar only lists Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle. The only wrestler, other than Benjamin, that Brock still talks to is Bill Goldberg. Keith asks if they reminisce over their WrestleMania 20 match? Apparently not. "That was a catastrophe", Brock blames the promoters for not caring. Brock still tunes into pro-wrestling from time-to-time.

Dr. Keith asks what Lesnar thinks of Josh Koscheck? Brock isn't familiar with his background but is supportive of any amateur wrestlers making the MMA transition such as Matt Hughes and Randy Couture. Brock recently re-watched his match with Eddy Guerrero and says he misses Eddy. Keith asks if Brock will debut the shooting star-press against Choi Hong-Man? Unfortunately not. WWE talk. Brock puts over working with The Rock, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Big Show and Eddy.

Keith asks if The Undertaker taught Brock any MMA holds? Apparently he taught him the tombstone into the rear-naked choke combination. Brock puts Undertaker for grooming a lot of new talent. Tattoo talk. Bock won't be debuting any new tattoos on June 2nd but wants to get some more. He tells the story of why he got the sword tattoo as he felt he had a knife against his throat whilst wrestling in Titan. Splendid interview. Check out http://www.elitexc.com

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