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Postby CheMateo » Sun Mar 25, 2007 4:51 pm

So as I was saying in the last thread Cactus wrote another book. Anybody else get a chance to read it? I was able to get a copy and I got to say I think it may be his weakest book. Then again he set a high standard with Have a Nice Day. But it was a surprise to see a book coming from the WWE that was so openly critical about McMahon and the way things are being run.

I kind of wished though he would've talked more about going back to Japan for that one match against Kawada and his time with ROH.

I didn't really care for his chapters concerning his humanitarian efforts. While commendable it came off to me like he was trumpeting his own horn a bit much.

Would've liked more details about his match with Edge at WrestleMania and against Ric Flair from their I quit match.

Although I 'm glad he did share his thoughts and ideas leading to his tag match against the Funker and Dreamer at ONS. The original plan was quite good and amusing. It's too bad Vince didn't have enough faith in Dreamer or Funk to go about it. Mick even said the Funker proved Vince wrong with their promo together yet he still didn't give Terry or Dreamer a more prominent role and there was somewhat a poor buildup to the match in my opinion. If anybody knows where I can see that episode of RAW from Lubbock, Texas in which the Funker and Mick traded words please pass it on as it sounded like a lot of fun.
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