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The Original Card Subject To Change

Postby CheMateo » Wed May 17, 2006 1:28 pm

I was thinking of picking up a copy of the Original Card Subject To Change. How would you folks rate it? It also made me wonder why Homicide stopped coming out on the West Coast. Since he was one half of the first PWG Tag Team Champions with B-Boy I would have assumed that he would be out here more often. I've not seen much of his work so I don't really have an opinion on him. All I've seen was a clip of him doing a tope suicida to Steve Corino in ROH and then landing awkwardly on the floor and screwing up his shoulder. In my sick sense of humor I thought it was funny.
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Postby theboy » Wed May 17, 2006 1:50 pm

The show is fun. Not the best ever but some good matches on there. I'd recommend something else but you still can't go wrong.
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Postby KickToKill » Wed May 17, 2006 1:52 pm

That's probably one of the best PWG dvds that I have, Super Dragon/Homicide definitely lives up to the hype, They do everything in that match, Tango & Cash is great too. Homicide is one of the best workers in the business today, He used to get compared to New Jack a lot but he's out of that shadow now. If you're going to buy one PWG dvd make it Card Subject To Change, Really great show
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Postby Rish To The Rosh » Wed May 17, 2006 2:42 pm

I'm actually currently finishing up an MV of the show I liked it that much. Well, also, because I found a good song to fit it, and I figured out a way to work the extras into it better than any other PWG event, but still, it's a sign. Uhm, some thoughts...

Supa Badd is Supa Radd! Stradlin/Cabana was great up until it ended abruptly, I wish the opener got cut a little so this could have had more time. B-Boy/Tornado was a fun indy style match and did well to present HT as a legitimate contender to the boy of B, so pimpzilla to that. Pitbulls/AXP was a good showing of intensity and played up the last events happenings, Romero was especially good, on fire even. PWG out-owned ROH with Hero/Danielson, they own The Power Rangers & The Incredible Hulk! Unique submissions, innovative reversals and interesting sequences all result in one highly entertaining match with good pacing but a weak finish unfortunately. Tag Title match was hella fun and showcased just how good PWG's tag division really is, and even better a year on. I want The Cookie Monster! Strobe lights kill sperm cells! Dragon/Cide more than lived upto the hype and was ultra fun stuff. Last 5 minutes were awesome, as was the commentary in it with SBS making up the story of Homicide trying to end Dragon's career over winning the PWG Title. Super Dragon is actually American Dragon but with a green beard!

Aye. That was a long paragraph. But. Get it. Makes sense.
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Postby head_bump » Thu May 18, 2006 6:04 am

I thought it was okay nothing more, the main event is dissapointing but the Amdrag/Hero match is decent and the Tag Title match is veery good.
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Postby onlxn » Tue May 23, 2006 9:48 pm

Man, I think people are really selling this show short (other than Rish). One of my favorite PWG shows ever. SD/Homicide didn't do much for me, and the opening six-man was just your average cute, sloppy opener, but in between you have five great, varied matches.

- In my opinion, Cabana/Stradlin is one of the most underrated matches in PWG history. It's not epic or anything -- it's a simple little match, in which Cabana tries to school Stradlin on the mat, and Stradlin surprises him by keeping up. But that simple story is crisply, entertainingly and perfectly told, to a degree that you just don't often see from even PWG's better workers. Amazing carry job by Cabana, and a really satisfying mat-based match.

- Then you go to Tornado/B-Boy. This is Tornado's very first PWG singles match, and it's against a So-Cal legend, no less. It's basically worked like a New Japan "discipline" mach, where the veteran smacks around the young lion and the young lion proves his toughness by surviving. Both guys are so great in their roles -- Tornado as the overmatched kid, B-Boy as the hard-hitting vet -- that the one-sidedness of the match and the sloppiness of Tornado's desperation offense don't hurt it at all. You understand why Tornado's sloppy -- it's because he's getting his head kicked in. Another great little undercard match that was the exact right length.

- I'm sure a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but AXP/Pitbulls was easily my MOTN, and one of my favorite PWG matches from '05. A completely different side of the AXP, as they work a really tight, focused brawl with the Pitbulls. Some chairs got thrown around on the floor, and I remember there being a real sense of unease in the JCC that night, as these teams really convincingly seemed to hate each other. The ending was abrupt, but worked fine for me; just an incredible match. Sucks that we never got to see them lock up again.

- We then switch styles AGAIN with Danielson/Hero, which is an inspired comedy match. It's worth clarifying for people who'd think about buying the DVD for this: this is *just* a comedy match. It's not super-intense, there isn't any particularly deep psychology... it bears very little resemblance to their matches in other feds. But it's a *great* comedy match. Danielson is brilliant at in-ring shtick, and Hero keeps up with him nicely. Again, not what you might hope for out of these two, in terms of an intense epic... but on this particular night, it fit into the card perfectly.

- The awesome run concludes with Arrogance's title defense against their surprise opponents, Los Luchas. If anything, this was worked like an MNM vs. London/Kendrick match, with quick, aerial work, fun silly spots and manager interference. Zokre hit all of his big spots perfectly, and there are few things more fun in wrestling than seeing Phoenix Star DDT the shit out of Scott Lost. A really good sprint tag in the sports-entertainment-y vein, and one of my favorite Arrogance defenses.

Between those five matches, the mild appeal of SD/'Cide and some funny DVD extras, I'd recommend this as one of PWG's real slam-dunk shows.
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