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nice little thing i found

Steve Gerweck sent in the following recap:

Interview with Davey Richards, courtesy of http://www.gerweck.net

Interview conducted: May 13, 2006


SG> Steve Gerweck of http://www.gerweck.net
DR> Davey Richards

SG> How did you break into the wrestling business?

DR> I broke in through MMA, a promoter told me about the power plant and I packed up my bags and headed to Atlanta, the school shut down for a bit so I went back home to the Pacific Northwest and got fully trained by Tony Kozina.

SG> Which wrestler or wrestlers have influenced in your in ring style?

DR> Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit, Koji Kanemoto, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Dean Malenko, man so many others, I like the in your face aggressive style, and these guys were great at it.

SG> Tell me about your training. You actually started at WCW's power plant?

DR> Yea, or what was left of it, WCW had gone out of business and a guy named Frank bought the school and the kept the trainers, it was cool, all the WCW rings and what not. Buddy Lee Parker was the coach and he was hard as hell on us, but it was good, it made you respect wrestling and work hard to achieve your goals. The school ran into some financial problems a while later so I had to move back home and started making the 5 hour drives 3 times a week to train with Tony Kozina in Portland, Oregon. Kozina taught me a lot as well, and I owe alot to him.

SG> Talk about your experience at ECWA's super 8 tournament. Must have been a rush beating Charlie Haas in the finals.

DR> The Super 8 was a spectacular experience, all of my opponents are awesome athletes and it could have went either way in every match I had. Scott Lost is so amazing, he's gonna blow up here soon, Milano, is well, Milano, the man is amazing. I would love to fight him again. Haas hits like a freaking truck, the guy is a monster, so big and strong, I got thrown around like a rag doll in that match. Another great athlete and really cool guy, he'll go far in WWE.

SG> Do you feel your size will benefit or hurt you as you seek work with either WWE or TNA?

DR> I'm not really interested in either, my goals lie in Japan. TNA is cool, a lot of my friends work there, but I dont know if I'd fit in there, I guess my size is X division, but my style really isn't, I'd rather just kick someone on the face. My main goal is just to be a great wrestler, and bring respect to our sport, I think in PWG and ROH i'll be getting a great platform to do just that.

SG> Have you had any contact with either WWE or TNA thus far?

DR> I worked for WWE a few times, it was fun, they were good matches, but ya know i'm 5'8, so I know im going anywhere near a WWE contract, but it was fun there and the catering was amazing.

SG> What is your opinion of the current WWE and TNA products?

DR> To be honest, I haven't watched TV wrestling in so long, WWE is not wrestling anymore (with the exception of a obvious few) its just scripted acting, no emotion. I think a lot of the fans see right through it. TNA is getting better all the time, I don't know why they'd bring in Nash and Steiner, but whatever. They present a good alternative, and hopefully will continue to grow.

SG> How did the Ring of Honor opportunity come about?

DR> I was set to start with them before the Super 8 but wanted to wait till after out of respect for Jim Kettner. Before I worked Samoa Joe in PWG he told me Gabe wanted my number cause he wanted to start using me, them I emailed him a bit later and got the ball rolling. I'm very excited about the opportunity, ROH is a major goal i've set for myself.

SG> What would be something that would surprise fans to learn about Davey Richards?

DR> I live literally in the middle of nowhere, on a farm, in a town that only has like 4 stop lights. I love it.

SG> For someone that has never seen you wrestle, how would you describe your ring style?

DR> Believable, intense, focused.

SG> Who is your dream opponent?

DR> Well Dynamite and Benoit, but realistically----KENTA, Kanemoto, Ohtani, and I want another round with Low Ki and Joe.

SG> Do you consider yourself a student of the game?

DR> Absolutely, this is my sport, NFL players study tape and train and cross train to be come a better football player, I study tapes, train and cross train to become the better wrestler. I live near Highspots (I just moved to Charlotte) and I'm there Monday and Wednesday's working out in the ring, Tues. and Thurs. I do MMA and I borrow tapes for Highspots daily to study.

SG> Your best match so far?

DR> Hmm, singles I'd have to say me vs. Puma at the Pacific Cup in Vancouver, BC, great match. Tags, hmmm probably me and Dragon vs. Roderick Strong and Jack Evans at PWG.

SG> What is the biggest rib someone played on you?

DR> Tony spit chew in a empty Diet Pepsi bottle and and didn't tell me and I thought it was Pepsi and drunk it, I was pissed.

SG> What are your interests away from the ring?

DR> I like doing Mixed Martial Arts, I like to watch old horror movies, I like old outlaw country music, I used to like rock but all these band now and days suck. I like to read a lot, yea, reading, go figure....

SG> At this point in your career, what is your biggest strength? What is your biggest weakness?

DR> My strength is my passion for wrestling, my spirit, Im not 6'4 or 280 pounds, but I'll come at my opponents full bore and won't back down from anyone. My weakness, well I guess from a business stand point, my height, though I don't see how your height dictates what kind of fighter you are, if your believable, your believable, Chris Masters is like what 6'4 and Benoit is like 5'9 which one would you rather fight?

SG> What are you goals in wrestling?

DR> To do well in Japan, to rise to the top of PWG and ROH. To test myself against the very best in the world. To make people believe in wrestling again. To wrestle all over the world as well.

SG> If you weren't wrestling, what would you be doing?

DR> Hmm, MMA maybe?? Finishing school, I still have a year left to do. Working on a farm at home (yay).

SG> Where do you see yourself in five years?

DR> Hopefully, in Japan, PWG and ROH champion, and still fighting hard.

You can check out Richards at his official web site: http://www.daveyrichards.com.
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Thanks for that, twas a pretty darn good interview.
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