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Fly-Ins Changing

Postby onlxn » Tue May 09, 2006 11:56 pm

This struck me when I was posting about Jimmy Rave. Bear with me, or don't.

Last year, ROH and PWG dates conflicted a lot -- more than in years previous -- and it greatly affected the fly-ins we'd see here. We'd get occasional appearances from Joe, Danielson, Cabana and the like, but they weren't regulars, for the simple reason that they worked ROH over PWG. So in '05, PWG was all about finding interesting non-ROH guys to fly in every show and rely on. It's how we got Generico, Steen, and Sabin as regulars, and it's why they were so aggressive about booking Styles and Daniels throughout '05, before ROH was allowed to use them again.

Cut to '06. The roster of PWG fly-ins has shifted significantly in the last two months. We haven't seen Joe in a good long while, and we haven't seen Daniels and AJ in several shows, either. Ditto Shelley. But ROH clearly isn't the problem, because the guys who've been brought in instead -- the Briscoes, Sydal, Aries -- are *also* ROH regulars. Additionally, PWG and ROH dates haven't conflicted nearly as much, and aren't scheduled to conflict much going forward. So it doesn't seem like PWG booking decisions are in reaction to ROH anymore.

Of late, it seems like the main company the PWG brass are paying attention to is *TNA*. I mean, think about the guys we've haven't seen lately: Joe. AJ. Daniels. Shelley. Roderick, though he did work the one match with Sydal. It would seem that PWG is currently not high on using TNA workers.

Why? Meltzer's reported on TNA's increasing control over its workers' schedules and the annoyances that it causes for indy companies. Higher booking fees, pulling guys from shows last-minute... seems like it could be a difficult variable for an indy booker. And Gabe Sapolsky has acknowledged that he's had to de-push his TNA guys for fear that TNA could make it really difficult to book them at any time. It seems to me that PWG may be doing the same thing.

Too early to tell? Probably. Will things shift back, so we start seeing Daniels and AJ a lot again? Maybe. But there's been a fairly dramatic shift in the roster of fly-ins over the last couple months, and this is my best guess as to why.
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