USE YOUR ILLUSION III... Bosh's breakout match

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USE YOUR ILLUSION III... Bosh's breakout match

Postby luca brasi » Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:04 am

Just watched thuis show from 2004 recently, and I must say, this was indeed the match that saw Chris Bosh break out in PWG.
At the beginning of the show, Scott Lost comes out to name his new championship tag partner, having defeated Joey Ryan at the previous show in the Ladder Match for the right to do so. Instead of picking fellow First Family members Frankie Kazarian, Babi Slymm, or Brad Bradley, Lost calls out "Chris Bosh" to get the nod. Who? Sure he had been in some PWG opening multi man tags and such, and he HAD held the titles once before (w/ Quicksilver), but that was pretty much an under the radar title reign. Outside of PWG, Bosh was gaining success in AWS and RevPro, but in PWG he was still a curtain jerker. You could tell the crowd was a little stunned by the lack of star power choice for the main event that night against Super Dragon & B-Boy, which was the point I suppose, as the First Family appeared obviously ruffled with Scott choosing Bosh as his partner and not one of them.
Cut to the main event. Bosh stepped up big time, and everyone noticed. He took a hellacious beating from Dragon and B-Boy and had perhaps the best match up to that point in his career. One of the most entertaining matches I've watched in a while, and I have been going back through old indy shows for the last several months.
For everyone wanting to see Super Dragon in his prime, check this match out for that as well. He is spot on and looks in good shape here, and B-Boy & Scott Lost are great in it as well.
Thoughts on this match anyone?
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